Spanish Language Program wins Dean's Leadership Award

In May, 2014, the Dean’s Leadership Award, intended to recognize the outstanding combined efforts of a group, went to the Spanish Language Program’s Civic Engagement Initiative. The team includes: Eileen Anderson, Joan Clifford, Rebecca Ewing, Bethzaida Fernandez, Lisa Merschel, Joan Munne, Liliana Parades, Maria Romero, Melissa Simmermeyer, Rosa Solorzano, Graciela Vidal, and William Villalba. The effort to incorporate civic engagement into the curriculum goes back a decade with the launch of a service-learning course called “Spanish for the Health Professions: Interactions with the Latino Community” co-sponsored by the Medical Center. From there, the program has grown into a rich curriculum with a variety of courses that envision the teaching and learning of language under the umbrella of social commitment and civic engagement.  Reaching beyond the campus, the Spanish Language Program’s Civic Engagement Initiative has established specific partnerships with organizations in Durham: El Centro Hispano, Durham Public Schools and Durham Crisis Response Center. - See more at: