2014 Edition of the Summer School in Global Studies and Critical Theory to be held in Bologna, June 23rd – July 4th 2014.

You can visit our 2014 Edition page to see the full program: <http://globalstudiesandcriticaltheory.wordpress.com/2014-program/>.

The School on Global Studies and Critical Theory is a summer program jointly promoted by Duke University and the Department of History, Cultures and Civilization of the University of Bologna in the conviction that the so-called global age makes necessary a radical rethinking of our theoretical tools and critical exchange among different research fields. Each year, in a lively and stimulating intellectual and cultural environment, outstanding scholars will offer to faculty, postgraduate and graduate students, lectures, intensive courses and seminars on one specific topic of this contemporary global turn, encouraging the collective production of knowledge and critical thought.

 For 2014, the topic of the Summer School will be Space and Politics in the Global Age.

To apply, please click <http://globalstudiesandcriticaltheory.wordpress.com/how-to-apply/>.

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