Cultural Memory

ROMST 715.01

Investigates invention, reconfiguration, and use of literary fictions over time. Examines major theoretical models: Assmann on cultural memory; LeGoff on history vs. memory; Rancière, Agamben on Temporality and anachrony; Benjamin, Bon on media and transmission. Readings from modern, premodern, and contemporary fiction, crossing genres and modes narrative, poetic, dramatic, verbal, pictorial, cinematographic (including e.g. Hugo, Villon, Glissant, troubadour poetry, Aragon, Pichette, Christine de Pizan, Dreyer, Artaud, Bernard, Lamartine, Chartier, Lurçat, the Bayeux tapestry). Research projects to be developed with collaborators at European universities and archives. Taught in English. Instructor: Solterer

Day / Time
Tu 04:40 PM-07:10 PM

Languages 305

Solterer, Helen