The Idea of Latin America in the Global World Order


The seminar explores the meaning of "America¨ and ¨Latin America¨ in the formation and transformation of the modern/colonial global order. Columbus did not discover America because America did not exist before he bumped into unknown territory. If America did not exist, Latin America either. The invention of America brought the continent into the global order and it was the first time that human kind had reached a whole view and conception of the planet. But how then both America and Latin America came into being? And how do we explain the differences between "Latin" and "Anglo" Americas? Is racism as we know today related to the invention of America? What was the destiny of the Indigenous population of the continent and of the enslaved Africans that populated the continent? We will explore these questions through historical narratives, essays, films, literature, news papers and relevant programs in TV stations for current events and debates. Lectures in English. Discussion sections in Spanish and English

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LIT 372D

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