Introduction to Italian Culture


This course is designed for students who are interested in deepening their knowledge of  Italian culture, language,
literature, and film. By analyzing a graphic novel, films, short stories, poems, and non-fictional texts, students
will improve their Italian linguistic and cultural knowledge. The course will discuss Fascism, Italian
dialects, brigate rosse, mafia, futurism, neorealism, and regional differences, among other topics. Students will
learn more about Italian culture and develop their grammar and writing skills by working through four
units which build upon each other (“Family, Fairytales, and History,”  “Identities, Regions, and Nation,”
“Movements, Art, and Poetry,” and “La dolce vita, Love, and Society”). The course is ideal for students who enjoy
Italian culture, wish to continue their study of  Italian, have returned from Italy, plan on going to Italy, or who
are considering concentrating in Italian or Romance Studies.

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