Sex and the City: Gender and Modernization in 19c Madrid


Why was the prostitute the central symbol of the nineteenth-century city?    What does shopping have to do with sex?    In the nineteenth-century, premarital sex banished a woman from respectable society forever. This is no longer true, so why is a woman who has multiple sexual partners still labeled a “slut”?     Today we use machines from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. How did people react to the mechanization of society in the nineteenth century?    The new city was teeming with crowds and new places to hang out, like coffeehouses. Men found the city to be a source of all kinds of new pleasures. So why were they also scared of it?    These are some of the questions we will be considering through literature about 19th-century Madrid, exploring the similarities and differences between the social interactions and anxieties of that time and what they have to tell us about those of our own society and the Duke campus.

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