World Masterpieces

ITALIAN 225.01

Love causes problems. It can inspire passion or madness; foster alliances, destroy friendships, provoke war, broker peace. It impacts communities and raises fundamental questions about life. Exploring amorous discourse from two millennia Plato s erotic ascent, Virgil s deceived Dido, Ovid s rules of seduction, Boccaccio s legitimation of female desire, Michelangelo s homoerotic poetry, Leonardo s sublimated impulses, Foscolo s tragic obsession, comic uncertainties of Svevo s modern lovers, and love from afar in Montale we will see what changes, what persists, and ultimately come to understand what we mean when we talk about love today. Instructor: Eisner

Day / Time
TuTh 10:05 AM-11:20 AM

Gray 228

Eisner, Martin