Opportunities for Students in Spanish

Spanish Service-Learning

There are many opportunities to use your Spanish and enjoy Latino culture while at Duke University. Besides traditional coursework, the Spanish Language Program is dedicated to offering Service-Learning Courses.

Study Abroad

There are many opportunities for students to use their Spanish while immersing themselves in a different culture. Duke-sponsored Study Abroad programs include: Duke in the Andes, Duke in Mexico, Duke in Madrid, and Duke in Spain.

Volunteer Opportunities with Local Organizations

There are many local organizations that work with the Latino/a population in Durham. Volunteers are encouraged to contact these organizations directly to see what types of commitment they require and the types of jobs they offer.

Why study a foreign language?

Some people wonder why they should learn a foreign language, especially if they plan never to live or work outside the United States. Isn't the whole world learning English? In many fields and in many international arenas, English seems to be the main language of communication. So why should you learn a foreign language? Consider these reasons:

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