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¡Bienvenido al Programa de español!

Duke University is committed to providing students with an education that prepares them to become active participants in an increasingly diverse and interdependent world. It is imperative that all students acquire the ability to understand both global and local events from multiple perspectives. Development of linguistic abilities is integral to expanding students' worldview since it permits contact with Spanish- speaking countries and peoples through real texts, video, and audio sources. Active participation in the language classroom provides students the opportunity to discuss and reflect on cultural information. This linguistic ability and cultural knowledge will benefit students both in everyday interactions with their communities and in their chosen careers.

The Spanish Language Program (SLP) at Duke University has designed courses to develop all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The SLP includes Elementary Spanish 101 and 102, Intermediate Spanish (SP 203) and Advanced Intermediate Spanish (SP 204). The 300-level courses specialize in writing, grammar, and speaking skills in the following courses: Advanced Spanish Writing (SP 301), Advanced Spanish Grammar (SP 302), and Introduction to Cultural Studies (SP 303). Spanish 306-308 carry a special emphasis on cultural and social issues. Our elementary and intermediate courses are taught following a task-based second language teaching approach. The ultimate goal is to have students be able to communicate in Spanish depending on the context and specific situations they encounter in authentic or real life situations. Our advanced courses (301-304) focus both on the development of specific language skills as well as on the reflection of different thematic content.

SLP Mailing Address

Spanish Language Program

2016 Campus Drive

Box 90269

Duke University

Durham, North Carolina 27708-0269

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Club Pura Vida

Please see the Spring 2014 schedule for the Club Pura Vida, Spanish Language Table.


For questions on placement in Spanish language courses (levels 101-331) e-mail .

For more information on the Undergraduate Program in Romance Studies and how to major in Spanish, please see the Undergraduate website.

For information about the Spanish Language Program, please contact:



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102 Languages Center
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Lecturer of Spanish
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Assistant Director,

Lecturer of Spanish
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