Amir Chireh Mehr ('12)

The Department of Romance Studies had a transformational impact on my education during my time at Duke University. As an Italian major, I had the extraordinary opportunity to tailor my course of study to touch upon various disciplines in ways that I could not have even fathomed before enrolling at Duke. As a part of a multi-semester research project that I conducted during my last two years at Duke, I was afforded the opportunity to conduct guided research on various Italian dialects in the summer before my Senior Year. This project eventually evolved into a Senior Honours thesis, which incorporated elements of everything from 13th century Italian linguistics, to socio-political theory in the early Enlightenment, and to the impact of the Napoleonic Wars on the formation of national identities in Europe. This flexibility is a defining characteristic of the Department of Romance Studies at Duke University, as it allows students to not only hone various academic skills that will serve them well throughout their time at Duke, but to also lay the foundation for an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving that is critical to innovating and succeeding in the modern workplace.

Amir Chireh Mehr  (Trinity '12, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies)