Giulia Ricco


I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Romance Studies working on both Italian and Lusophone literature. My research interests include the representation of violence in literature, fascism, politics of memory, and transitional justice. My dissertation, titled "The Lesser Evil: Fictionalizing the Brazilian Dictatorship," examines the ways in which a certain rhetoric of the “lesser evil” haunts the public opinion of both the Italian and the Brazilian dictatorships. In addition to offering an analysis of contemporary fiction that attempts to dismantle this belief, I also focus on the intellectual productions that facilitated the creation of this belief, thus employing literary tools to analyze political texts. I am originally from Italy where I obtained both my B.A. (2010) and M.A. (2012) at the University of Bologna, in Foreign Languages and Literature, with an emphasis in English and Portuguese.

Ricco, G. "Framing Violence: Reader and Narrator in Pai contra Mãe." Emerging Dialogues on Machado de Assis. Springer, June 24, 2016. (Chapter)