Silvia Serrano


Silvia Serrano is a PhD candidate in Romance Studies. She specializes in Latin American nineteenth and twentieth century literatures and cultural studies, with a focus on Colombia. Her research interests include vernacular music and cultures, non-canonical literary expressions, and the intersection of literature and sound.

In her dissertation project, she examines radio and writing as emerging technologies in mid-twentieth century rural Colombia, in the context of literacy campaigns by Radio Sutatenza. Her dissertation builds on the research she conducted for her MA thesis on the work of Colombian musician, songwriter, and actor, Jorge Velosa. In this study Silvia analyzed Velosa's carranguera song lyrics, the cover art for his albums, and his portrayal of Trino Epaminondas Tuta, a rural immigrant in Bogota, for the television comedy Romeo y buseta. Silvia demonstrated that Velosa´s creative work is an artistic intervention that resists discriminatory portrayals of Andean rural culture and takes a stand for the rural communities´ lifestyle and worldview.

Silvia holds a BA in Communication and Media Studies from Pontifical Xavierian University, Bogota and an MA in Humanities from Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg. She has experience working with community radios in different regions of her native country, Colombia, and as an instructor of children’s radio production.