Selected Books

A Wish Upon Jasmine

Laura Florand


Ariel Dorfman

Sur le vif: Niveau intermédiaire, 6th Edition

Clare Tufts, Hannelore Jarausch (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Globalization and the Decolonial Option

Walter D. Mignolo, Arturo Escobar

Dreaming in French

Alice Kaplan

The Antinomies Of Realism

Fredric Jameson

Lima Barreto

Edited by Lamonte Aidoo

Gente: Nivel intermedio

Liliana Paredes, Joan Munne

Omega (Haitian Edition)

Jacques Pierre


Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri

The Ideologies of Theory

Fredric Jameson

Valences of the Dialectic

Fredric Jameson

Origins of the Black Atlantic (Rewriting Histories)

Laurent Dubois, Julius S. Scott

Europe (in Theory)

Robert Dainotto