Postdoctoral Opportunities and Jobs for Members of Underrepresented Groups is the premier web portal on the minority postdoctoral experience especially in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines. We feature articles, resources, & events about career advice, professional development, jobs, funding, fellowships, mentoring, and diversity issues. Unless indicated otherwise, all website content is authored by the Editor. is published by the non-profit, DiverseScholar, a project of the fiscal sponsor Community Partners. DiverseScholar offers a number of services to diversify the doctoral workforce:

  • The Resources list publicizes for free many opportunities to help doctoral graduate students transition to the postdoctoral stage and both grads/postdocs transition to their first professional position in academia, industry, and other careers.
  • The Job listings page has many postdoctoral and professional job/opportunity advertisements for all employment sectors: academia, industry, government, non-profit, etc. Potential advertisers can request information on rates and terms by contacting us.
  • We organize or participate in many diversity-related Events. Our professional development sessions educate and mentor doctoral trainees. Our policy and advocacy activities connect institutional diversity stakeholders to the difficult-to-find minority postdoctoral population. Slideshows from some of our past activities are archived on the Presentations page.
  • We maintain an opt-out, internal contact list of over 1,100 diverse postdocs. Client advertisement info is included in our monthly email announcements to this contact list.
  • We accept Institutional Subscriptions for access to our unique Doctoral Directory of diverse doctoral job candidates. This opt-in Directory is derived from individuals in our email contact list who have responded to our internal demographics/career survey. Check out our Postdoc Spotlight feature (below left) of prospective candidates for open positions.
  • We publish original written works under the brand DiverseScholar. Please submit article ideas by email.