Elementary Creole II

CREOLE 102.01

Second course in the two-semester sequence on elementary Haitian Creole provides essential elements of Creole language and aspects of Haitian culture. Course is designed to help students develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in Haitian Creole. Students will be exposed to different aspects of Haitian culture through films, storytelling, games, music, and proverbs. Pre-requisite: Creole I, or French 199, Haitian Creole for the Recovery in Haiti, or a comparable level of previous Creole language experience, such as Duke Engage experience in Haiti or familial background in Creole. Taught in Haitian Creole. Staff: Jenson and staff

Day / Time
MWF 03:20 PM-04:20 PM

Perkins 059

Pierre, Jacques