The French Short Story


“Short stories for long lives”  as one of today’s writers put it : French 332 is designed as an introduction to short fiction, and will range across work written in French world-wide from our own day to the earliest times. We will study a cross-section of works, examining the distinctive forms and changing function of the genre.  Our investigation will cover: oral and musical story-telling, fables, fairy-tales, and the sustained modern experiment with the short story that includes correspondence, memoir, fantasy, chronicle, graphic writing.  From Camus to Marie de France, from Confiant to Perrault and Mérimée.  We will conclude with today’s writers, examining a timely topic in the Francophone world, in the lingo du jour – how to live together : Paris-Alger-Beirut.  Throughout the semester, our work will train students in the methods and tools of critical analysis.   Our digital site will provide a place for practicing writing in French, as well as a meeting place with French writers.

This course is intended for those students who have reached the 300 level in French at Duke or the equivalent and are primed to up their level through adventuresome reading, writing, and speaking in French.

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