Spanish & Latin American Studies

Course Numbering

0-99 Advanced Placement Credit; House Courses; First-Year Seminars; First-Year Writing; Registrar/Department special purpose
100-199 Introductory-level undergraduate courses; basic skills/activity courses; foundation courses; Focus program courses
200-299 Undergraduate courses above introductory level
300-399 Undergraduate courses above introductory level
400-499 Advanced undergraduate, senior seminars, capstone courses, honors thesis courses
500-699 Graduate courses open to advanced undergraduates
700-999 Graduate only courses (not open to undergraduates)

Number Title Curriculum Codes Crosslisting Numbers
SPANISH 89S First-Year Seminar in Spanish FL
SPANISH 101 Elementary Spanish 1 FL
SPANISH 102 Elementary Spanish 2 FL
SPANISH 111 Intensive Elementary Spanish FL
SPANISH 140A Duke in Alicante: Intensive Elementary Institute FL
SPANISH 203 Intermediate Spanish CZ, FL
SPANISH 204 Advanced Intermediate Spanish CZ, FL
SPANISH 205 Advanced Intermediate Spanish with Service-Learning CZ, FL
SPANISH 206 Advanced Intermediate Spanish with Community Engagement CZ, FL
SPANISH 212 Intensive Intermediate Spanish CZ, FL
SPANISH 240A Duke in Alicante: Intensive Intermediate Institute CZ, FL
SPANISH 301 Advanced Spanish Writing CCI, FL, W
SPANISH 302 Advanced Spanish Grammar CCI, FL
SPANISH 303 Introduction to Cultural Studies CCI, FL Latino/a Studies in the Global South
SPANISH 304 Fundamentals of Spanish Linguistics FL, SS
SPANISH 305 Spanish for Heritage Speakers CCI, CZ, FL, W LSGS 305
SPANISH 306 Health, Culture and Latino Community CCI, FL LSGS 306, GLHLTH 326, CULANTH 306
SPANISH 306A Language, Culture, and Health in Costa Rica CCI, FL GLHLTH 326A
SPANISH 307S Issues of Education and Immigration CCI, FL EDUC 307S, LSGS 307S
SPANISH 308S Latinx Voices in Duke, Durham and Beyond CCI, CZ, FL, W LSGS 308S
SPANISH 309S Spanish in the U.S. CCI, FL, SS LINGUIST 309S
SPANISH 310 Translating Spanish-English and English-Spanish ALP, CCI, FL LSGS 310, LINGUIST 310
SPANISH 311 Intensive Summer Spanish: Food Production and Consumption in NC and Peru CCI, CZ, FL
SPANISH 312 Community-Based Research with Spanish-Speakers. CCI, FL, SS
SPANISH 313 Bridging Cultures: Latino Lives and Experiences in NC CCI, FL, SS
SPANISH 314A Aproximaciones a la Gastronoma de Espaa: Poltica, Sociedad y Cultura CCI, CZ, FL
SPANISH 315A Language and Culture of Entrepreneurship in Latin America CCI, CZ, FL I&E 315A
SPANISH 316S Global Humanities in Spanish ALP, CCI, CZ, FL, W
SPANISH 327S Spanish for Freshmen and Sophomores ALP, CCI, FL
SPANISH 331S Introduction to Literature, Film, and Popular Culture ALP, FL
SPANISH 332 Introduction to Spanish Literature I ALP, CCI, FL
SPANISH 333 Introduction to Spanish Literature II ALP, CCI, FL
SPANISH 333A Literature and Arts in Modern Spain ALP, CZ, FL
SPANISH 334 Introduction to Spanish-American Literature ALP, CCI, FL
SPANISH 335 Introduction to Spanish-American Literature ALP, CCI, FL
SPANISH 339 El cine poltico en amrica Latina ALP, CCI, CZ, FL AMI 339, LATAMER 327, LIT 339
SPANISH 340A Communications Skills CCI, FL
SPANISH 341A Art, Cultural Identity, Social Change: Political History of Cont Spanish Art: Goya to Global Society ALP, CCI, CZ, FL ARTHIST 341A
SPANISH 342A From Transition to Indignation: Social Movements in Spain 1977-2013 CCI, EI, FL, SS HISTORY 353A, SOCIOL 346A
SPANISH 343A Decentering Spanish Otherness: Visual Culture and Coloniality in Contemporary Spain ALP, CCI, CZ, FL VMS 278A
SPANISH 344A The Politics of Salsa: Music, Urban Spaces and Globalization ALP, CCI, FL MUSIC 325A, CULANTH 348A
SPANISH 363S The Idea of Latin America in the Global World Order CCI, CZ, FL LATAMER 363S
SPANISH 373S The Spanish Civil War in History and Literature ALP, CZ, EI, FL HISTORY 273S-1, RIGHTS 373S
SPANISH 380S Political Cinema in Latin America ALP, CCI, CZ, FL AMI 420S, LIT 381S, LATAMER 380S
SPANISH 390-4 Topics in Hispanic Civilization FL International Comparative Studies
SPANISH 390S-5 Topics in Spanish Linguistics FL LINGUISTICS 390S-01
SPANISH 411 Golden Age Literature Cervantes ALP, CCI, CZ, FL MEDREN 459
SPANISH 412S Mayas, Aztecs and Incas: The World According to the Indigenous People of Latin America CZ, EI, FL, R CULANTH 367S, ICS 460S, LSGS 412S
SPANISH 414A Urban Fiction and Collective Imagination: Madrid Through Literature and Film ALP, CCI, CZ, FL VMS 414A
SPANISH 419A Spanish Cinema from the Transition to the Present ALP, CCI, FL AMI 419A
SPANISH 420A Poéticas de aquí y de allá / Thinking Language: Poetics from Hear and There ALP, FL LIT 420A
SPANISH 431S Spanish Civil War: History, Literature, and Popular Culture ALP, CZ, EI, FL, R HISTORY 273S, RIGHTS 431S
SPANISH 432S Popular Culture and Political Repression in Spain and Latin America ALP, CCI, FL RIGHTS 432S
SPANISH 433S Photography in the Americas: War, Tourism, Art, and Protest CCI, CZ, FL ARTHIST 433S, ICS 459S, VMS 433S, Latin American Studies
SPANISH 434S Capitalism in the Modern City: Men, Women and Money in 19th- and 21st-Century Madrid ALP, CCI, FL
SPANISH 435S Mexicana Throught from North and South: Writing, Art, Film ALP, CCI, FL
SPANISH 440A Spain in the 21st Century CCI, CZ, FL
SPANISH 440AS Literature and the Performing Arts II ALP, CCI, FL
SPANISH 441A Spain: Cultural Studies CCI, CZ, FL
SPANISH 441AS Spain Circa 1898: The Crisis of the Bourgeois Order ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, FL
SPANISH 495AS Honors Seminar CCI, FL, R
SPANISH 512S Topics in Spanish Linguistics FL, R, SS LINGUIST 512S
SPANISH 530 Emigrants and Immigrants: Spain in the Sixties and Now ALP, CCI, FL International Comparative Studies
SPANISH 538S Revolution in the Novel/Novel of Revolution ALP, CCI, EI, FL
SPANISH 540S Many Mexicos ALP, CCI, CZ, FL
SPANISH 590S Seminar in Spanish Literature FL