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Course Numbering

0-99 Advanced Placement Credit; House Courses; First-Year Seminars; First-Year Writing; Registrar/Department special purpose
100-199 Introductory-level undergraduate courses; basic skills/activity courses; foundation courses; Focus program courses
200-299 Undergraduate courses above introductory level
300-399 Undergraduate courses above introductory level
400-499 Advanced undergraduate, senior seminars, capstone courses, honors thesis courses
500-699 Graduate courses open to advanced undergraduates
700-999 Graduate only courses (not open to undergraduates)

Number Title Curriculum Codes Crosslisting Numbers
ITALIAN 220 Modern European Short Fiction ALP, CCI, CZ, EI GERMAN 243, LIT 244, ENGLISH 244, JEWISHST 243, ICS 212, ROMST 206
ROMST 205 The Problem of Love in Western Literature ALP, CCI, CZ, R ITALIAN 225, LIT 205
FRENCH 325S Global Displacement: Voix Francophones CCI, CZ, EI, FL, SS ICS 332S, GLHLTH 325S
FRENCH 327S Gender in the City ALP, CCI, FL
FRENCH 332 The French Short Story ALP, CCI, FL
FRENCH 361 The French Love Story ALP, CCI GSF 208, LIT 262
ITALIAN 327S Italian Colonial Cinema ALP, CCI, FL
ROMST 390 Stories and Medicine ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, STS GLHLTH 390, LIT 390
SPANISH 331S Introduction to Literature, Film, and Popular Culture ALP, FL
FRENCH 420S De l'horrible danger de la lecture ALP, CCI, FL GSF 420S
SPANISH 411 Golden Age Literature Cervantes ALP, CCI, CZ, FL MEDREN 459
FRENCH 557 Cultural Memory ALP, CCI, R, W HISTORY 557, LIT 557
ITALIAN 590S Svevo and World Literature ALP, CCI ROMST 590S, LIT 590S, GERMAN 590S
SPANISH 706 Cervantes