Current Featured Courses

Number Title Description Instructor
ROMST 206.01 Modern European Short Fiction

This class examines a range of important modern European...

Ziolkowski, Saskia
ITALIAN 220.01 Modern European Short Fiction

Comprehensive examination of several important works of modern European short fiction by authors...

Ziolkowski, Saskia
SPANISH 327S.01 Culture on Wheels

A Spanish cultural studies course that critically assesses public...

Mulligan, Joseph
FRENCH 590S.01 Introduction to Contemporary African Philosophy

An overview of contemporary African thought as expressed in philosophical discourse, social...

Sarr, Felwine, Jenson, Deborah
ITALIAN 590S.01 Svevo and World Literature

Italo Svevo (1861-1928) wrote some of the most important modern Italian novels, like La...

Ziolkowski, Saskia