Adapting ChatGPT to Your Expertise: Beyond the Consideration of Threats and Opportunities

October 3, -
The widespread use of technology in various aspects of teaching and learning processes has become common and almost indispensable, increased by the digital tsunami brought about by the pandemic but now exponentially multiplied by the popularization of Al-based tools, due to its significant objective advantages and its ability to facilitate and simplify many tedious tasks.
But what is the main condition that both teachers and students should consider when implementing technology - and especially Al - in the usual processes of language teaching and learning? Undoubtedly, adapting the new tools to the existing and sufficiently tested objectives and methodologies, rather than the other way around. That is, using technology rigorously and expertly from the perspective of our profession, and not allowing it to dictate our path.
Now that it is so easy to access and use ChatGPT and other Al tools, perhaps it is time not only to weigh opportunities and risks but, above all, to consider practically how we can benefit from these new technologies while, at the same time, promoting activities that require skills that are (almost) exclusively human.
We will discuss these and other considerations in the session.

Romance Studies