Joan Clifford

Joan Clifford

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Romance Studies

External address: 2122 Campus Dr., Room 206, Box 90269, Durham, NC 27708
Internal address: Box 90269, Spanish Language Program, Durham, NC 27708-0257
Phone: (919) 684-0774


  • Ph.D., University of Virginia 1998
  • M.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1992
  • B.A., Washington University 1989

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Languages in Durham. Curator. Languages in Durham (2014)

This web site is an educational resource for the community and provides stories and historical information on different language communities living in Durham. Language students in Arabic, French, Haitian Creole, Mandarin, Persian, and Spanish have contributed.

Mariposa Stories Project. Creator. Mariposa Stories Project (2009)

A series of four bilingual coloring books created by Spanish service-learning students from stories collected from the community.

Voices from the Latino Community in North Carolina. Curator. Voices from the Latino Community in North Carolina (2004)

This web site is a digital oral history archive that documents the Spanish-speaking immigrant experience in North Carolina in 2004-2005 funded by a Duke Center for Instructional Technology grant.