Joseph Mulligan

Joseph Mulligan


My research engages late nineteenth- and twentieth-century literatures of Hispanic America and explores the proliferation of allegory in modernist aesthetics by studying twentieth-century appropriations of the seventeenth-century Baroque rhetorical code. This work has been animated by research in material history and sociological approaches to analyzing emerging fields of cultural production among vanguardistas of Peru, Brazil, Cuba, and Mexico. Additionally, I have a long-standing commitment to literary translation and have published collections and selections from authors such as César Vallejo, Jorge Eduardo Eielson, Gustavo Faverón Patriau, and Pierre Joris, among others.

Fellowships, Supported Research, & Other Grants

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship awarded by U.S. Department of Education (2017 to 2018)

Vallejo, César. Scales Melographed by César Vallejo. Wesleyan University Press, 2017.

Vallejo, C. Selected Writings of César Vallejo. Wesleyan University Press, 2015.

Joris, P. Mawqif. Edited by J. Mulligan and M. Domínguez Parra, Translated by J. Mulligan and M. Domínguez Parra, La Otra, 2015.

Vallejo, C. Against Professional Secrets. Translated by J. Mulligan, Roof Books, 2011.