Silvia Serrano

Silvia Serrano


PhD Candidate in Latin American Studies
Romance Studies Department

Research Interests: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Latin American Cultural and Literary Studies; Intersections of Literature and Media in 20th century Latin America; Media and Social Change; Vernacular Culture; Andean Rural Cultural Productions.


M.A. Spanish and Latin American Studies, Duke University, Durham, NC, 2014

M.A. Humanities, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg, PA, 2011

B.A. Communication and Media Studies, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá

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Serrano, S. "Reseña de Aurality: Listening and Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century Colombia." E Misférica: States of Devotion 13.1.

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Serrano, S. "Wearing Ruana and Tie: Trino Epaminondas Tuta Negotiates Power and His Rural Origins in the City." Revista De Estudios Colombianos 48 (December 1, 2016).