Project Examples

Project: Public Service Announcement Advocating Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccination in Senegal.

Students: Charmaine Mutucumarana (French & Biology '13), and Eileen Chia-Wen Lin (Language Studies & Global Health '16)

"This poster stemmed from a class project where students had TalkAbroad conversations with individuals from Francophone countries and then designed a culturally-specific Public Service Announcement for a particular health conditions," said Mutucumarana.

"I am excited about combining my interests in languages with a Global Health orientation," said Chia-Wen Lin.


Project: Voices in Global Health (Spanish) Public Service Announcements

Student: Jina Kim (Biology '13)

"Language and culture play an enormous role in our public health system. Unfortunately, the importance of understanding socio-cultural differences is oftentimes unknown and/or underplayed in our health system. In this class, we aim to begin to understand these differences and their impact on health-related choices and disparities. This poster displays one of our projects, which was to create a public service announcement (PSA) for Durham's Latino community. Through these PSAs and other projects, we hope to facilitate communication and innovation for a more effective, cross-cultural health system in the United States and beyond," said Kim.