A Typical 5-Year Program

The graduate program in the department of Romance Studies comprises 14 courses, 4 of which may be taken in related fields within the department (Italian, Portuguese, etc.) or in other departments or programs (Art History, History, Philosophy, Literature, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, etc.). 

We recommend that during the first year, courses be selected from the offerings in the student’s primary field in the Department of Romance Studies.

Transfer students arriving with an MA are required to take 10 courses, 4 of which may be taken in related fields.

The requirement for the second language must be met before the student takes the Dissertation Prospectus Workshop Examination.

First Year

Semester 1

3 courses (must include ROMST501S: Methods & Theories of Romance Studies)

Research Assistantship

Semester 2

3 courses Research Assistantship

Second Year

Semester 3

3 courses (must include ROMST700: Theories and Techniques of Teaching Foreign Languages)

Graduate student instructor

Semester 4

3 courses, including independent study for preparation of portfolio Graduate student instructor

Third Year

Semester 5

2 courses, including independent study for preparation of Dissertation Prospective Workshop Take Portfolio Examination

Semester 6

  Take Dissertation Prospectus Workshop

Fourth Year

Semesters 7 & 8  

Possibility of a teaching assistantship

Research abroad or fourth year support toward writing of dissertation (funding and research abroad are contingent on passing Dissertation Prospectus Workshop prior to departure abroad)

Fifth Year

Semesters 9 & 10  

Teaching support and fees for writing dissertation and job search.

Apply in September for Competitive Internal fellowships and other writing grants if needed for sixth year.