The Department of Romance Studies offers our students a unique trans-cultural perspective on an increasingly fluid world culture and a globalized economy. Our students engage literature, film, and history, critical theory, visual culture, linguistics and philosophy and develop spoken and written abilities fostering their profound enjoyment and critical understanding of the diverse places where these languages are spoken: Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and the Americas—North, Central, and South.

Our majors graduate with extraordinary international and domestic opportunities. The competencies that they acquire will enable them to gain admission to outstanding graduate programs in their field of interest or to pursue careers in areas as diverse as publishing, environmental science, medicine and the arts.

Undergraduate Student News

Already an experienced international traveler, junior Laura Brody is aiming to study abroad in at least four countries during her undergraduate career. Brody, from Thomasville, N.C., is majoring in international comparative studies and French, and... read more »

Senior Alexis Pearce chose an immersive global experience to supplement her Spanish and French studies. Pearce, from Charlotte, N.C.,  is majoring in Spanish and French and minoring in English. She is focusing her studies on Latin American... read more »

Senior Margaret Rote said no matter what career she chooses, she will be able to use the Spanish skills that she refined at Duke. Rote said her upbringing in Dallas, Texas, heavily influenced her decision to major in Spanish. “A lot of signs at... read more »

Senior James Powers has used international experiences to combine his passion for healthcare with his knowledge of Spanish. The pre-med student from Beverly, Massachusetts is majoring in Spanish and neuroscience, with a minor in chemistry. Since... read more »

Senior Leasly Salazar is using her studies at Duke to explore her own heritage. “I was able to read a lot of different novels and books by a lot of different Mexican authors,” she said. “Reading more about my own culture and history has allowed me... read more »

A self-declared Francophile, senior Victor Chen enjoys learning about Western cultures through the French perspective. Chen, who is from Boulder, Colorado, is majoring in French studies and economics, with a minor in environmental sciences and... read more »