Our Undergraduate and Graduate programs are focused in key areas of study listed below, as well as a broader "Romance Studies" curriculum where students concentrate in more than one area. Our areas serve dual learning objectives: help you understand the culture, literature, arts, and politics of the regions; and teach you the language of the region. The degree you pursue will dictate what types of courses and activities in which you should enroll. 

To see what Undergraduate and Graduate degrees are available for each area, please refer to the sections below.

Areas of Study

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Brazilian & Global Portuguese

Our programs in Brazilian and Global Portuguese Studies enable students to acquire competency in spoken and written Portuguese, as well as gain familiarity with the literature and culture of Brazil and Portuguese-speaking regions.

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French & Francophone Studies

Studying French language and culture is an excellent portal to a variety of careers in the humanities, the economic world, government, and science, and to a lifetime of global awareness and cultural reflection.

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Italian & European

Our Italian studies help develop language skills in their social and cultural contexts. The combination of linguistic and cultural competency is excellent preparation for a variety of professional careers in business, government, the humanities, and science.

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Spanish, Latin American & Latino/a Studies

Our program prepares and immerses students in the culture and language. We sponsor summer- and semester-long study abroad programs, and we encourage students to work into their study plans the possibility of studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.

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