Teaching Policy

Teaching is an integral part of our program, and it is the department's policy to see that students are both trained and experienced in instruction in order to be well qualified for employment. 

Concurrent with their first semester of teaching (normally in the fall semester of the second year), all students who teach will be expected to enroll in the ROMST 700: Theories and Techniques of Teaching Foreign Language Course unless they have taken an equivalent course previously and requested a waiver from the appropriate Language Program director. This course counts as one of the required courses in the PhD program. 

All teachers in the department will be required to attend a workshop ("Teaching Foreign Languages") a week before the beginning of the Fall semester. 

In their second year, most students will assume responsibility for part-time instruction for which they will be compensated.  Normally, this entails full responsibility for teaching one section of a language course, under the direction of the language supervisor.