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The Department of Romance Studies offers our students a unique trans-cultural perspective on an increasingly fluid world culture and a globalized economy. Our students engage literature, film, and history, critical theory, visual culture, linguistics and philosophy and develop spoken and written abilities fostering their profound enjoyment and critical understanding of the diverse places where these languages are spoken: Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and the Americas—North, Central, and South.

Our majors graduate with extraordinary international and domestic opportunities. The competencies that they acquire will enable them to gain admission to outstanding graduate programs in their field of interest or to pursue careers in areas as diverse as publishing, environmental science, medicine and the arts.

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Why Take Romance Studies Courses?

In today’s transnational world where speaking several languages is a way of life, a knowledge of Romance languages, literatures and cultures is proving indispensable. Such a study opens up Europe and Africa, the Americas and Asia, their deep histories as well as their rich variety of contemporary creative experimentation. Within North America, close ties between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and the growing importance of Latino/a and Francophone communities make French and Spanish an integral part of our own culture.

Study of Romance languages equips you to enter debates and pursue research, learning to think with these many communities across the globe. With this background, you are prepared for exciting international opportunities, whether you elect to undertake further specialized study in one or more of the Romance languages, literatures, and cultures following graduation, or decide instead to use their knowledge and experience to enhance their career opportunities in publishing and journalism, management and law, environmental science, social services, or medicine.

Academic Areas 

Our Undergraduate program is focused in the following areas of study, as well as a broader "Romance Studies" curriculum where students concentrate in more than one area. 

  • Brazilian & Global Portuguese
  • French & Francophone Studies
  • Italian & European Studies
  • Spanish, Latin American & Latino/a Studies

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Resources for Current Students

We've compiled information to assist current students working toward their degree, including: