The Department of Romance Studies offers our students a unique trans-cultural perspective on an increasingly fluid world culture and a globalized economy. Our students engage literature, film, and history, critical theory, visual culture, linguistics and philosophy and develop spoken and written abilities fostering their profound enjoyment and critical understanding of the diverse places where these languages are spoken: Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and the Americas—North, Central, and South.

Our majors graduate with extraordinary international and domestic opportunities. The competencies that they acquire will enable them to gain admission to outstanding graduate programs in their field of interest or to pursue careers in areas as diverse as publishing, environmental science, medicine and the arts.

Undergraduate Student News

Marshall Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to two Duke seniors who were awarded the prestigious Marshall Scholarship!  One of the winners, Julie Uchitel, is a neuroscience and French double major who while studying Proust, Flaubert, and neuroscience,... read more »

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The Romance Studies Department wishes to recognize and congratulate the following graduating seniors on their awards: Robert J Niess/ Alexander Hull Award for Excellence in French:           ... read more »

My path post-graduation has been atypical - and apparently (though not actually) unrelated to my Romance Studies major. I work and live in a community called... read more »

Poet Olvido García Valdés Visits Duke in Madrid Center

The the poet, Olvido García Valdés, invited by the Poetics & Translation Lab, spoke with a group of undergraduate students at the Duke University in Madrid Center. García Valdés has published several books, including Exposición, which... read more »

Chi Dat (Daniel) Lam '17

The French studies department has changed my future forever and for the better. Having started my journey in college with no plans to major in anything other than Biology, I stepped into my French classes and new horizons opened up in front of my... read more »

Mary McLaughlin ('15)

Romance Studies was a great major that allowed me to explore my non-medical interests while at Duke. Not only did this allow me to stand apart from other applicants in the medical school application process, but it also allowed me to be a more well-... read more »