Where Our Students Go Post-Graduation

Alejandra Rodriguez-Villar (PhD 2017), Hanover College, Assistant Professor, 2017.

Giuseppe Prigiotti (PhD 2015), IISS "C. Marchesi" High School, Catania, Italy, Full time teacher, 2016.

Domenico Cangiano (PhD 2015), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Assistant Professor, 2016.

Jeannette Acevedo-Rivera (PhD 2014), Guilford College, Visiting Assistant Professor, 2014.

Brenna Heitzman (PhD 2013), Tufts University, Full time Lecturer.

Martin Repinecz (PhD 2013), University San Diego, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, 2013.

Eglantine Colon (PhD 2013), University of California, Berkeley, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, 2013

Aude Dieudé (PhD 2013), United Nations Univ in Tokyo, Japan, Office of the Rector, Fall 2013

Margaret Mahon (PhD 2012), Ecole Alsacienne/Dale Carnegie, Paris, France, Bilingual Teacher and Public Speaking Trainer, Fall 2014

Oliver Gloag (PhD 2012), UNC-Asheville, Associate Professor of French, Tenure-track, 2012.

Kathleen Antonioli, (PhD 2012), Kansas State University, Assistant Professor, tenure-track, 2013.

Vanessa Dorriott Anderson (PhD 2012), Wartburg College, Assistant Professor of French, 2012.

Joyce Wu (PhD 2012), College of International Education, HKBU (Hong Kong Baptist Univ), Lecturer of English Literature, Fall 2014

Leonardo Bacarreza (PhD 2012), University of Richmond, Visiting Lecturer, 2012.

Ileana (Dana) Chirila (PhD Spring 2012), Wake Forest University, Visiting Assistant Professor, Non Tenure-track, Fall 2014

Nichole Gleisner (PhD 2011), literary translator and an assistant poetry editor for a local literary magazine called the New Haven Review, Full time.

Ashley King-Scheu (PhD 2011), Eckerd College, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, 2012.

Brantley Nicholson (PhD 2011), University of Richmond, Visiting Lectureship, Non Tenure-track, 2011.

Margaret Ozierski (PhD 2011), Virginia Commonwealth University, Visiting Assistant  Professor, Non Tenure-track, 2010.

Anne O'Neil-Henry (PhD 2011), Georgetown University, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, 2011.

Lesley Curtis (PhD 2011), Wellesley College, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Comparative Literature, Non Tenure-track, 2014.

Beatriz Rodriguez-Balanta (PhD 2010), Southern Methodist University, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, Spring 2013.

Zachary Erwin (PhD 2010), Monmouth College, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, 2013.

Joanna Barros (PhD 2010), Cozzoli Machine Company, Executive Assistant, Director, 2012.

Francisco Lopez-Martin (PhD 2009), Denison University, Assistant Professor of Transatlantic Studies, Tenure-track, 2010.

Ernesto Menendez-Conde (PhD 2009), LaGuardia Community College, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, Fall 2014.

Kadji Amin (PhD 2009) Stony Brook University, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, Fall 2012.

Scott Kushner (PhD 2009), McGill University, Project and Communications Officer in the Office of the Associate Provost, Fall 2010.

Rebecca Ingram (PhD 2009), University of San Diego, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, 2009.

Karen Serwer (PhD 2009), St. Louis University, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, 2010.

Micah True (PhD 2009), University of Alberta, Canada, Assistant Professor of French and Folklore/Ethnology, Tenure-Track, 2010.

Marcos Canteli Vigón (PhD 2008), Duke in Spain, Summer Program Duke University, Visiting Assistant Professor, Non Tenure-track, 2009.  Resident Director, 2010.

Virginie Pouzet-Duzer (PhD 2008), Pomona College, Associate Professor, Tenure-track, 2008.

Isis Sadek (PhD 2008), University of South Carolina, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, 2008.

Oscar Cabezas (PhD 2008), University of British Columbia, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, 2010.

Mary Ann LaMarca (PhD 2008),  UNC Charlotte, Lecturer, Non Tenure-track, Fall 2014.

Andrea Junguito (PhD 2008), Universidad de los Andes (Bogota, Colombia) Colombia, Professor of Plant. Part Time, 2006.

Edgar Illas (PhD 2007), Indiana University, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, 2008.

Luis Saenz de Viguera (PhD 2007), Merrimack College, Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, 2008.

Mina Garcia Soormally (PhD 2007), Elon University, NC, Associate Professor, Tenure-track, 2012.

Nathalie Dupont (PhD 2007), Bucknell University, Associate Professor, Tenure-track, 2014.