Certificate Programs

Duke offers to certificate programs that are closely tied to the Department of Romance Studies:

Latin American Studies Certificate

The Latin American Studies certificate exposes students to the rich artistic and cultural traditions of Latin America and the Caribbean in an effort to develop cross-cultural fluency. Challenge students to develop moral arguments about issues of social justice in Latin America and the Caribbean. We aim to prepare students to become active agents of social change in academics, business, non-governmental organizations, and many other careers dealing with Latin America and the Caribbean.

Latino/a Studies in the Global South Certificate

The Certificate in Latino/a Studies in the Global South provides students with comparative, historical, and cultural knowledge of peoples of Latin American descent living in the United States (and moving transnationally); understanding of the concepts of Hispanics/Latino/as, latinidad and hispanidad, and the Global South (and Global North); and the construction and assertion of Latino/a identities, involving convergences and divergences, over space and time.