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Erickson-Kery, Ian In Progress "Urbanism from Below: Design and Environment in Mexico City and São Paulo, 1968-85" Esther Gabara
Miled, Samar In Progress "The Representation of Resistance and Revolution in Tunisian Literature and Arts" Felwine Sarr
Starace, Lorenza 5/30/2024 "Gender, Genre, and the Novel" Roberto Dainotto, Anne Garreta
Vargas, Laura 4/3/2024 "Toxic Narratives: The Role of Poisoning in Contemporary Caribbean Novels" Annette Joseph-Gabriel and Richard Rosa
Rispoli, Tania 4/2/2024 "The Politics of Care: Feminist Infrastructures of Love and Labor" Michael Hardt and Roberto Dainotto
Lopez-Madrigal, Ofelia 4/1/2024 "After the Skin: Representations of Black Womanhood in Cuban Literature (1882-1976)" Lamonte Aidoo
Incoronato, Ciro 3/26/2024 "The Biopower of the Oldest Mafia: Economics, Biopolitics, and Ecology in the Mediterranean Society" Michael Hardt and Roberto Dainotto
Bradley, Isabel 7/17/2023 “Mapping Manioc: Grounded Relations in the Caribbean” Laurent Dubois, Deborah Jenson
Carnemolla, Cristina 4/3/2023 "From the "Southern Question" to the "Southern Thought": South as a Method" Roberto Dainotto and Walter Mignolo
Chanod, Camille 3/31/2023 "The Sound and the Flurry of 1970s French and Italian Cinema" Anne Garreta and Roberto Dainotto
Romera-Figueroa, Elia 3/24/2023 "Gendering Anti-Francoism: Cantautoras in Spain (1952-1986)" Stephanie Sieburth and Jose María Rodríguez-García
Simoes Nogueira, Marcelo 9/30/2022 "Sound Matters in Poetry, Music, and Arts Under Dictatorship in Brazil" Esther Gabara
Valderrama Negron, Ninel 3/30/2022 "Governing Infrastructures: Crafting Loyalty While Engendering Dissent in the Spanish Transpacific Empire" Esther Gabara
Enloe, Caroline Joy (C.J.) 3/18/2022 "Molding “Economic Woman”: Conflicting Portrayals of Women’s Economic Roles in Magazines Published During the Franco Dictatorship" Stephanie Sieburth
Mulligan, Joseph 3/16/2022 "Poetics of Revelation: Communities of the Literary Oracular in Transatlantic Modernism" José María Rodríguez García

Tybinko, Anna Catherine

3/30/2021 "Urban Borderlands: African Writers in Precarious Spain, 1985-2008" Lamonte Aidoo & Stephanie Sieburth (Co-Chairs)
Nunn, Tessa Ashlin 3/15/2021 "Writing Women Dance" Toril Moi
Maxymuk, Kathleen Kelsey 3/3/2021 "Resonant Wandering Forms: Tracing the Trajectories of the Cinemas of Jean-Luc Godard, Éric Rohmer and Jacques Rivette" Anne-Gaëlle Saliot
Dulceany, Roger David (David) 6/30/2020 "Caribbean Iconographies of Cultural Nationalism: Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico" Richard Rosa
Screpanti, Filippo Cornelio Frances (C. F.) 6/2/2020 "The representation of Barbary corso in the French and Italian early modern literature" Michele Longino
Granacki, Alyssa Madeline 3/31/2020 "Boccaccio's Women Philosophers: Defining Philosophy, Debating Gender in the Decameron and Beyond" Martin Eisner
Sánchez-Rodríguez, Nicolás 3/30/2020 "The Minted-City: Money, Value, and Crises of Representation in Nineteenth-Century Colombia (1822-1903)" Richard Rosa
Whitehouse Gordillo, Matthew Steven 3/25/2020 "Fictional Timing: Neoliberalism and Time in the Contemporary Latin American Novel" Richard Rosa
Iber, Laurel Marie 3/24/2020 "Troubles in Representation: (Con)figuring Non-Binary Sex in Nineteenth-Century French Literature, Art, and Medicine" David Bell &  Anne-Gaëlle Saliot (Co-Chairs)
Blaise, Sandie 5/9/2019 "Transnational Trickster: Publishing, Representing, and Marketing Dany Laferrière" Laurent Dubois
Bianchi, Pietro 4/1/2019 "The Restlessness of the Imaginary" David Bell & Fredric Jameson; Co-Chairs
Serrano, Silvia  3/22/2019 "Intermedial Sutatenza: Media[ted] Narratives of Community Making in Rural Colombia" Richard Rosa
Di Lorenzo, Fiammetta 3/21/2019 "Subaltern Readers in Nineteenth-Century French and Italian Novels" Robero Dainotto & Anne Garreta
Castaldo, Achille 3/19/2019 "Narrative experience and social conflict. Italy, France, 1943-1977" Roberto Dainotto; Chair & Anne-Gaëlle Saliot; Co-chair
Stempniak, Katarzyna  (Kasia) 3/18/2019 "Outfitting Paris: Fashion, Space, and the Body in Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Culture" Deborah Jenson; Chair & Danid Bell; Co-Chair
Ricco, Giulia 3/1/2019 "Fascist Fiction: Inventing the Lesser Evil in Italy and Brazil" Lamonte Aidoo & Robero Dainotto (Co-Chairs)
Marini, Maria Candela 5/14/2018 "War, Photography, and Visual Citizens: Territorial and Visual Expansion in the Construction of Chile and Argentina (1860s-1880s)" Esther Gabara & Richard Rosa
Ugarte Fernández, Ana Irene 5/9/2018 "Island Laboratories: Literary Monsters, Diseases, and Pharmacopeias in the Hispanic Caribbean” Richard Rosa
Banella, Laura 3/28/2018 "Rewriting Dante: the Creation of an Author from the Middle Ages to Modernity" Martin Eisner
Reist, Stephanie V 3/23/2018 “'Christ the Redeemer Turns His Back on Us:' Black Urban Struggle in Rio's Baixada Fluminense" Walter Mignolo
Rodriguez-Villar, Alejandra 6/19/2017 "Memory, Will and Understanding in El veneno y la triaca by Calderón de la Barca: A Cognitive Approach" Margaret Greer & Deborah Jenson
Dandridge, Eliza 6/15/2017 "Cowboys and Indians in Africa: The Far West, French Algeria, and the Comics Western in France" Laurent Dubois
Suhey, Amanda 11/15/2016 "Documenting Chile: Visualizing Identity and the National Body from Dictatorship to Post-Dictatorship" Esther Gabara
Patterson, Reginald D. 7/28/2016

"Commandeering the Bamboo Canon: A 19th Century Confederacy of Creole Fables in Flight"

Laurent Dubois & Michaeline Crichlow
Prigiotti, Giuseppe 10/28/2015 "Judaism and Catholicism in Italy during the Belle Époque:
A Comparative Approach"
Roberto Dainotto
Cangiano, Domenico 10/16/2015 "Wanderers in Contradiction. The Italian Road to Modernism (1903-1922)" Roberto Dainotto
Daniel Astorga Poblete 4/29/2015 "La Colonización del Tlacahuitl: La invención del espacio en México (XVI-XVII)" Walter Mignolo
Jeannette Acevedo-Rivera 7/28/2014 "Would You Write Something in my Album?" Social Customs and their Literary Depiction in Nineteenth-Century France and Spain" David Bell & Stephanie Sieburth
Repinecz, Martin


"Southern Europe Unraveled: Migrant Resistance and Rewriting in Spain and Italy"

Roberto Dainotto

Colon, Eglantine


"Récits des bords des villes. Renouveaux esthétiques dans la littérature et le cinéma français contemporains"

David Bell

O'Halley, Meaghan


"Placing Islam: Alternative Visions of the Morisco Expulsion and Spanish-Muslim-Christian Relations in the Sixteenth Century”

Margaret Greer

Castroverde, Aaron


"Jose Rizal and the Spanish Novel"

Walter Mignolo & Stephanie Sieburth;         Co-Chairs

Dieudé, Aude


"Toussaint Louverture and Haiti’s History as Muse: Legacies of Colonial and Post-Colonial Resistance in Francophone African and Caribbean Corpus"

Deborah Jenson & Achille Mbembe; Co-Chairs

Heitzman, Brenna


"Motherhood and the Eighteenth Century Novel: Transformations and Transgressions in the Works of Sophie Cottin"

Philip Stewart

Reinaga, Lucia


“Caja negra y Por favor, rebobinar: cine de culto, blockbusters, rock, pop, e intervenciones sobre el campo cultural”

Richard Rosa

Gloag, Oliver


"Représentations coloniales de Lahontan à Camus"

Fredric Jameson

Wu, Joyce


“Baudelaire's Responses to Death: (In)articulation, Mourning and Suicide”

Deborah Jenson

Chirila, Ileana Daniela


"La République réinventée. Littératures transculturelles dans la France contemporaine. In English: Re-Inventing the Republic. Transcultural Literatures in Contemporary France"

Deborah Jenson

Mahon, Margaret


“Questioning the Writing Cure: Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa Trauma Fiction”

Laurent Dubois

Doriott Anderson, Vanessa


"Subjects of History: Identity and Memory in the First Person Narratives of Patrick Modiano, Assia Djebar, and Hervé Guibert"

Alice Kaplan

Bacarreza, Leonardo


"Food, Eating, and the Anxiety of Belonging in Seventeenth-Century Spanish Literature and Art"

Margaret Greer

Ozierski, Margaret


"Beautiful Annoyance: Reading the Subject"

Michael Hardt

Nicholson, Brantley


"A Poetics of Globalism: Fernando Vallejo, the Contemporary Colombian Urban Novel, and the Generation of '72"

Ariel Dorfman & Walter Mignolo; Co-Chairs

Gleisner, Nichole


"Toward a Poetics of Witness: Apollinaire, Cendrars and the French Soldier-Poets of the First World War"

Alice Kaplan

Curtis, Lesley


“Utopian (post)colonies: Rewriting race and gender after the Haitian Revolution”

Deborah Jenson

King-Scheu, Ashley


“What Can Philosophical Literature Do?  The Contribution of Simone de Beauvoir”

Toril Moi

O'Neil-Henry, Anne Therese


"Parisian Social Studies: Positivism and the Novels of Balzac, Paul de Kock and Zola"

David Bell

Mallory, Heather Alison


"Plating the Revolution: Expressions of National Anxieties and Aspirations in French Culinary Discourse 1969 - 1996"

Michael Hardt & Linda Orr; Co-Chairs

Rodriguez-Balanta, Beatriz Eugenia


"Realism, Race and Citizenship: Four Moments in the Making of the Black Body, Colombia and Brazil, 1853 -1907"

Esther Gabara

Erwin, Zachary


"Uneven Modernities, Uneven Masculinities: Manliness and the Galician Hinterland in the Novels of Emilia Pardo Bazán (1882-1896)"

Stephanie Sieburth

Barros, Joanna Maria


“Re-membering Identities: Terror, Exile and Rebirth in Hispanic Film and Literature”

Francisco-J. Hernández Adrián

Cobian, Laura


“Transcending Borders: The Transnational Construction of Mexicanness, 1920-1935”

Esther Gabara

Fernandez Osco, Marcelo


"El Ayllu y La reconstitucion Del Pensamiento Aymara"

Walter Mignolo

Ingram, Rebecca


"Spain on the Table: Cookbooks, Women, and Moderinzation, 1905-1933"

Stephanie Sieburth

Menendez-Conde, Ernesto


"Arte abstracto e indeologias esteticas en Cuba"

Fredric Jameson

Amin, Kadji


“Agencies of Abjection: Jean Genet and Subaltern Socialities”

Marc Schachter & Michele Longino; (co-chair)

Lopez-Martin, Francisco Javier


“Representaciones temporales en la construcción del espacio y el sujeto atlántico en el siglo XVII”

Margaret Greer

Kushner, Scott


"Transnational Blogospheres: Virtual Politics, Death, and Lurking in France and the U.S."

Linda Orr

Serwer Secrist, Karen


"Construyendo nuestro pedacito de patria: Space and    Dis(place)ment in Puerto Rican Chicago"

Antonio Viego

True, Micah


"Writing Amerindian Culture: Ethnography in the Seventeenth Century Jesuit Relations from New France"

Michele Longino

Junguito Pope, Andrea


“Genealogía de imaginarios geográficos Colombianos: Representaciones culturales, espacio, estado y desplazamiento en el proceso de (des)integración nacional (1850-2008)”

Gabriela Nouzeilles & Walter Mignolo; (co-chair)

LaMarca, Mary Ann


"The Theater of Sartre and Giraudoux:  Guilt and the War Within"

Alice Kaplan

Cabezas, Oscar


“Soberanía y Subalternidad: El agotamiento de la Izquierda”

Teresa Vilaros

Pouzet, Virginie


"L'impressionisme litteraire: capture d'un insaisissable"

David Bell

Sadek, Isis


"Tierras, regiones y zonas: poéticas y políticas de espacios no-urbanos en los sesenta en Brasil y Argentina"

Gabriela Nouzeilles

Canteli Vigon, Marcos


"Transitar el Parpadeo: Seis Poetas Españoles"

Ariel Dorfman

Dupont, Nathalie


“Poèmes délirants, sujets disloqués: Déviance, négativité et réflexivité dans l'écriture contemporaine française”

Toril Moi

Garcia Soormally, Mina


"Idolatry and the Construction of the Spanish Empire"

Margaret Greer

Saenz de Vigera, Luis


"Dena Ongi Dabil! Todo Va Dabuten!: Tensión Y Heterogeneidad de la Cultura Radical Vasca en el Límite del Estado Democrático (1978-...)"

Teresa Vilaros

Illas, Edgar


"The Euphoric Politics of Postmodern Barcelona"

Teresa Vilaros

Krauel, Javier


"Spiritual Bonds and the Singularity of Literature: Foundations, Language, and Intellectuals in Spain, 1892-1945"

Alberto Moreiras

Hernandez-Salvan, Marta


"Tiempo Muerto: Poéticas del Trauma en la Postrevolución Cubana"

Alberto Moreiras