Stay Connected

Want to find more than 160,000 Duke alumni in one place? Visit the Duke Alumni Association's website. The site lets you search for classmates, view alumni profiles, join groups, and sign up for alumni events around the world. You can also share your LinkedIn profiles with Duke, ensuring your classmates have up-to-date information on your professional skills and accomplishments.

How to Access the Network

Duke’s OneLink system allows you to access Duke sites and systems, including the alumni network. With OneLink, you can use either social media accounts or sign in and pick your own unique username and password. Once you register with OneLink, you can access all Duke sites that support the system.

If you are already signed up with OneLink, you can access the alumni network by visiting the alumni sign and clicking the green sign in button at the top of the page. If you haven’t created your OneLink account, select the “Create your Duke OneLink” button to register.