Undergraduate Research Symposium

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Undergraduate Research Symposium -

March 24, 2023 !!!

Department of Romance Studies 12th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium - 2022

Old Worlds, New Worlds, Future Worlds 

Friday, March 18, 2022 
York Room, 229 Gray Building 

8:45-9:00   Welcome & Introductory Remarks – Gustavo Furtado, Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies

9:00–9:30   Quienes somos / Qui sommes-nous: A New Ideology of Language Learning

Moderators: Liliana Paredes, Sandy Valnes Quammen

Discussants: Laura Bilanceri, Melissa Simmermeyer

Presenters: Barbara Cardenas Codriansky, Ava Durgin, Angelina Frances, Anna Ghelfi, Mike Lund, Ondine Peck-Voll, Kristen Rigsby        

9:30–10:15   The Roles of Health Promoters, Conservation Technology, and Music

Moderator: Gustavo Furtado

Discussants: Sarah Quesada, Esther Gabara

Brian Linder                     Health Promotion in Honduras: Empowerment, Community Connection, Confidence in Local Honduran Health Services

Ashley Rosen                   Filling in the Gaps and Finding Holes: Conservation Technology in the Amazon

Thomas Zornig                 Comparing the Definitions and Roles of Music in Amazonian and Western Cultures

10:15–11:00   Colonial and Post-Colonial Displacements

Moderator: Deb Reisinger

Discussants: Saskia Ziolkowski, Helen Solterer

Trisha Gupta                    Trauma Resurgence: Becoming a Refugee in France

Daniel Ehrlich                  Aller sans retour: The persecution and hospitality facing Egyptian Jews in 1957

Jack Kochansky                Refugee politics: Drivers of refugee acceptance across US states

Joshua Coopersmith      Goodbye Paris, Hello Beijing in Francophone West Africa?

11:00 – 11:15    BREAK

11:15–12:00   Identity, Ethnicity, and Citizenship

Moderator: Laura Florand

Discussants: Samar Miled, Joan Munné

Suzie Choi                         ¿Qué significa Latinx?: How everyday discrimination and political inequality reinforce Latinx as "outgroup”

Victoria Hernandez        A History of Latinx Citizenship: The Intersection of Legal and Social Norms as Forces that Shape Intergroup Prejudice 

Amanda Kang                  My Perspective or Yours: The Representation of BIPOC in Francophone Literature and Cinema by Authors of Different Backgrounds

Arielle Stern                     L'héritage de la colonisation défini par les relations de propriété (The Legacy of Colonization Defined by Proprietary Relationships)

12:00–12:45   Literature and Neuroscience

Moderator: Deborah Jenson

Discussants: Thomas Muzart

Gwyneth Bernier             Flaubert's Shifting Philosophies Through the Lens of the Four Versions of La Tentation de Sainte Antoine

Sasha Faison                    Capturing Consciousness: an exploration of how Flaubert’s account of his own epilepsy and those presented in his writing closes the gap between the mind and the body

Morgan Biele                   On the Same Page: Understanding Distributed Mind through Neuroscience and the Narratological Fields in Flaubert's Madame Bovary

12:45   Closing Remarks – Laura Florand, Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies