Graduate Liaison Committee

Screenshot of a zoom Liaison committee meeting.
Fall 2021 Liaison Committee Meeting

The Graduate Committee discusses issues of interest to the graduate students in the program.  The committee is chaired by the DGS.

Each year, graduate students meet in January to elect representatives to the Liaison Committee. Four students selected from the different PhD tracks (French/Francophone, Spanish/Latin America, Italian, Portuguese) are elected members of the Committee. No more than two first-year students may serve on the committee. There should also be a Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) liaison student designated by the graduate students in the department.

Those representatives call regular meetings for students to discuss interests, concerns, and proposals for activities. They attend the portions of faculty meetings not limited to regular rank faculty, and meet at least once per semester with the DGS. These appointments are for a full calendar year until new liaisons are elected the following January.

Students in need of resources should email and one of the graduate student liaisons will reach out.


Spring 2024 - Fall 2024 Graduate Liaisons

  • Unglid Paul
  • Daria Kozhanova
  • Veronica Castillo
  • Mateus Sanches Duarte
  • Abby Shepherd

GPSG (Graduate & Professional Student Government)

  • Michaëlle Vilmont