Spanish, Latin American, and Latino/a Studies Major

Did you know that Spanish is the second largest world language as a vehicle of international communication and the third as an international language of politics, economics and culture? Or that about 330 million people in the world speak Spanish as their first language? Or that Spanish is the official language in 21 countries? Or that Spanish is expected to be the first language of 50% of the population of the United States within 50 years? Our department sponsors three summer study abroad programs (Duke in Spain, Duke in Costa Rica, and Duke Intensive Spanish in Alicante) and one semester/year study abroad program (Duke in Madrid). We encourage students to plan early in order to attain an advanced level in Spanish and to work into their study plans the possibility of studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.

Major Requirements: 10 Courses

A total of 10 courses at the 300 level and above, at least 7 of which must be from departmental offerings and taught in Spanish. Courses taken as part of department sponsored Study Abroad programs may count toward this requirement.

The 7 core courses must include any two of the survey courses listed below and at least 3 courses numbered above 400. The remaining courses may be on peninsular, Latin American or Latino/a-related topics and may be taken either in the department or in other departments.

  • Any two of the following survey courses:
    • SPANISH 332 - Introduction to Spanish Literature I
    • SPANISH 333 - Introduction to Spanish Literature II
    • SPANISH 334 - Introduction to Spanish-American Literature
    • SPANISH 335 - Introduction to Spanish-American Literature
    • SPANISH 336 - Introduction to US Latino/a Literature
  • At least 3 courses at the 400 level or above

Study Option: A Brazilian or Lusophone literature or culture course taught in Portuguese at or above the 300 level, offered by the department, may be substituted for one of the 10 total courses required for the major.

Study Abroad 

Students are strongly urged to study abroad since this is the best way to achieve language proficiency and to acquire knowledge of a country’s culture. Courses taken abroad count toward the core and/or related courses as follows:

Department-Administered Programs
•    Duke-in-Madrid. All courses may be counted toward the major. Credit distribution may vary according to students’ needs, with a maximum of three courses counting toward the core course requirement. For students remaining a second semester, two additional courses may be counted as core courses; the rest may be counted as related courses. 
•    Duke-in-Madrid-Intermediate. Spanish 314A, Gastronomía de España, being equivalent to Spanish 204 and advanced 300 level, counts as one course towards the major.

Duke-Administered Summer Programs (Global Education Office)
•    Duke-in-Chile. Spanish 315A Language and Culture of Entrepreneurship in Latin America counts as one course credit toward the major.
•    Duke-in-Costa Rica. Spanish 306A, Language, Culture, and Health in Costa Rica counts as one course credit toward the major. 
•    Duke-in-Spain. Spanish 439SA Global Spain counts as two course credits towards the major.

Non-Duke-Administered Semester Programs
•    Major: A maximum of two courses per semester may be counted toward the core-course requirement.

Non-Duke-Administered Summer Programs
•    Major: One course may be counted toward the core-course requirement.