Certificate Programs

Given the interdisciplinary nature of our graduate program, many of our students pursue one of the graduate certificate programs, which offer access to the wide range of Duke’s research institutes and faculty. Certificate programs are designed to provide graduate students with advanced training in interdisciplinary or emerging fields of knowledge, and to demonstrate significant preparation in another field or discipline.

These certificates function as a formal statement of the interdisciplinary coursework a student has completed, and have proven to be a useful, professional credential to students seeking positions after graduation. The student’s official transcript notes the awarding of the certificate. These certificates cannot be earned independently of the student’s degree.

In order to pursue a graduate certificate, the student must complete a Graduate Certificate Program Application (PDF) and contact the director of the certificate program.

Additional information for each certificate program is available on the department or program’s website. Below is a list of the most commonly pursued certificates by graduate students in our department, but students are encouraged to check out the full list on The Graduate School's Certificate Program webpage.