Author Mohamed Mbougar Sarr and his latest novel.
Une conversation avec Mohamed Mbougar Sarr
Professors Quesada, Saliot, and Sarr speak with the author on his latest novel "La plus secrète mémoire des hommes."
Photo of Annette Joseph-Gabriel infront of portraits.
Annette Joseph-Gabriel Shows How Black Women Offer New Ways of Thinking
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About Us

Romance Studies is a multilingual, interdisciplinary, and genuinely global department that explores the culture, thought and practices of communities where romance languages are or were once spoken.

We guide students from learning the basics of the language to intellectually and professionally engaging with native cultures and their speakers. While our discipline is rooted in the philological and literary methods, our faculty specializes in health humanities, critical race studies, decoloniality, intellectual history, translation, visual studies, service learning, gender and sexuality studies, modernism, critical economics, and linguistic rights, among others.

Our primary areas of study for our Undergraduate and Graduate Programs include:

Group photo of Duke in Brazil at Pao de Acucar
Brazilian & Global
Duke in Aix-en-Provence group photo at river
French & Francophone
Duke in Bologna group photo
Italian & European
Student circle by coastline
Spanish, Latin American
& Latino/a Studies

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Our Research

Our curriculum explores the rich traditions of Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian cultures, both in their countries of origin, and in the cultures of diaspora, including Latin America, the Caribbean, Quebec, and the Chicano border. Because of this, our research – categorized in 20 key themes – covers, both historically and geographically, an extensive area of the planet: from Europe to Africa and South America; from the Caribbean to the Philippines; from the Mediterranean to Indochina and the Mauritius Islands. 

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