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Ana Ugarte

Congratulations to Romance Studies graduate alumna, Ana Ugarte who was awarded the NEH Humanities Connections Grant for... read more »

Nicolas Sanchez

Congratulations to Romance Studies PhD student, Nicolás Sánchez, who was awarded the 2019 Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship for... read more »

Versatile Humanists

Congratulations to Ciro Incoronato and Alyssa Granacki, two of our PhD students, on being named... read more »

Samuel Hunnicutt

Congratulations to Samuel Hunnicutt on his 2019-2020 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship award from the Duke Center for Latin American and Carribbean Studies for K'iche'... read more »

Candela Marini

Congratulations to our graduate alumni, Candela Marini on her honorable mention for Best Thesis for the 19th century section of LASA (Latin American Studies Association)!  Marini's doctoral thesis, "... read more »

Sandie Blaise

Romance Studies doctoral student Sandie Blaise was chosen for Duke I&E's first graduate assistantship, and featured on... read more »

Nicolas Sanchez

Romance Studies PhD candidate, Nicolas Sanchez discusses his experience in the GS810 course, Grant and Fellowship Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences, its practicality, and its differences from the usual research writing that graduate... read more »

Rendon Foy Educates Local Community

Romance Studies graduate student Rendon Foy has already formed close ties with the Durham community. Foy serves as a volunteer for the Durham Literacy Center, teaching students in the... read more »

David Dulceany Makes Interdisciplinary Connections

Fifth year graduate student David Dulceany merges his diverse interests, including Caribbean literature, diasporas, and digital humanities into numerous projects at Duke. Dulceany is a Romance Studies graduate student, focusing on Spanish and... read more »

Pietro Bianchi Publishes First Book

Romance Studies Department 3rd year graduate student Pietro Bianchi has just published his first book Jacques Lacan and Cinema: Imaginary, Gaze, Formalisation. Prior to coming to Duke, Bianchi studied at the University of Bologna and at... read more »

Graduate Student Wins Naomi Schor prize

Graduate student Kasia Stempniak’s paper, “L’île de la toilette:  Fashion and Space in Flaubert’s Le Château des cœurs and L’Éducation sentimentale,” won the Naomi Schor prize for best paper presented by a graduate... read more »

Micah True's Masters and Students

The Department congratulates graduate alumnus Micah True, now an assistant professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta, who has published his book on the Jesuit Mission ethnography in seventh-... read more »

Sandie Blaise Follows Haitian Diaspora

Second year graduate student Sandie Blaise is using her experiences with Haitian writers to guide her studies at Duke. Blaise is a student in the Romance Studies department, focusing on French and Francophone studies. “I decided to do my PhD here... read more »

As a third year graduate student in Spanish and Latin American Studies, Ana Ugarte is investigating disease narratives in colonial countries. Through her research Ugarte plans to look specifically at how different health factors, like the spread of... read more »

Filippo Screpanti Studying French & Italian Modernity

First-year graduate student Filippo Screpanti is building on his cross-cultural background to study early modernity. Screpanti, who grew up in Rome and Paris, decided to focus his studies on French and Italian because of his fluency in the... read more »

Stephanie Reist Explores Displacement in South America

By combining policy with Latin American studies, Stephanie Reist is exploring issues of land claims and displacement in South America. Reist, from Oak Park, Illinois, is currently a fourth year graduate student in the Latin American studies... read more »

Nicolás Sánchez Rodriguez Envisions Public Policy Career Path

First-year graduate student Nicolás Sánchez Rodriguez is combining his diverse academic background into a truly interdisciplinary Romance Studies education. As a student on the Latin American studies track, Sánchez Rodriguez is planning on focusing... read more »

Giulia Ricco Studies Violence in Society

When official reports fail to fully capture the extent and effects of violence in society, Giulia Ricco turns to literature. Ricco is a second-year romance studies graduate student focusing on Brazilian Portuguese and Italian. She is specifically... read more »