Marjorie Menza, B.A. 1995

Hueston Hennigan LLP

1995 Major: Spanish and German; J.D. Law, 2002

How has being a graduate from Duke's Romance Studies Department helped shape you personally and/or professionally?

"Duke’s Romance Studies department, along with its Literature and German Studies dep’ts were the premiere classrooms, in the country, to learn to think critically. I became a better writer, better thinker, and better lawyer due entirely to the training I received in the Spanish and Portuguese Departments. As an attorney who has practiced in international law, human rights and civil rights law, being a fluent speaker of Spanish and also fluent in the politics of Latin America is critical to my ability and success connecting with clients and local counsel."

What advice would you give students in Duke's Romance Studies programs?

"Worry less about your degree and more about whether your brain is being stretched and your world being turned upside down. If it is not, then you are not taking the right classes. Graduate schools and employers want people who can think critically, creatively and communicate well. Literature, Romance Studies will get you there!"

Marjorie Menza