Philippe Forest. Une vie à écrire

Anne-Gaelle Saliot (co-editor and contributor)


Editions Gallimard

Literature occurs in life and life returns in literature. This movement is deeply illustrated by Philippe Forest's work, which the loss of a child has led to the art of narrative and romance, and which questions the genres of autobiography and autofiction with sincerity and empathy that attracted many readers to him. Essayist, critic, avant-garde specialist, author of a great biography of Louis Aragon, Philippe Forest has also engaged in a reflection on modernity, Japan and photography, making his voice one of the most more original of contemporary literature. Translated worldwide, winner of the Femina prize for the first novel for The eternal child or the December prize for Sarinagara, Philippe Forest was honored by an international conference, at the origin of the studies published in this volume . The testimonies of his translators, an unpublished interview with the author and a precise chronology complete the reflections of this collective essay, which is a living homage to a work at the heart of life.