Program in European Studies

The Program in European Studies offers an inventive framework for thinking about Europe, and working with our strong faculty in Romance Studies.


A cluster of courses in European Studies for students interested in European issues, majors in any track of Romance Studies, as well as those pursuing a concentration in Europe through ICAS. Designed as lecture with discussion, they examine debates of critical attention today through close readings of a variety of major European texts across media. Taught in English, they also provide a chance for preceptorials in the relevant Romance languages. All contribute to work in the multilingual Humanities.



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Affiliated Faculty

  • Kathleen  Antonioli: Instructor, French
  • Mattia Begali: Lecturing Fellow, Italian
  • David Bell: Professor, French Studies
  • Laura Casa: Lecturer, Italian
  • Pascale Casanova: Visiting Professor, French
  • Germain Choffart: Lecturing Fellow, French
  • Roberto Dainotto: Chair and Professor of Romance Studies, Italian
  • Laurent Dubois: Professor of French Studies and History
  • Martin G Eisner: Assistant Professor of Italian Studies
  • Luciana Fellin: Associate Professor of the Practice of Italian, and Director of Italian Language Program
  • Valeria Finucci: Professor of Italian Studies and Theater Studies Romance Studies
  • Laura Florand: Lecturer, French
  • Anne F. Garréta: Research Professor
  • Christelle M Gonthier: Lecturing Fellow, French
  • Margaret Greer: Professor, Spanish & Latin American Studies and Theater Studies
  • Michael Hardt: Professor of Literature and Italian Studies
  • Fredric Jameson: William A. Lane Professor of Comparative Literature and Romance Studies
  • Deborah Jenson Professor of Romance Studies
  • Harry Karahalios: Lecturing Fellow, Spanish
  • Michele Longino: Professor, French Studies
  • Mena Marino: Lecturing Fellow, Italian
  • Achille J Mbembe: Visiting Professor and Franklin Humanities Institute Research Scholar
  • Lisa Merschel: Lecturer, Spanish
  • Toril Moi: James B. Duke Professor of Literature and Romance Studies
  • Karine Provot: Lecturing Fellow, French
  • Deborah S Reisinger: Lecturer, French, and Assistant Director of the French Language Program
  • Anne-Gaelle C. Saliot: Assistant Professor, French Studies
  • Andrea ScapoloLecturing Fellow, Italian
  • Stephanie Sieburth: Associate Professor, Spanish & Latin American Studies
  • Helen Solterer: Professor, French Studies
  • Emily Sposeto: Lecturing Fellow, Italian
  • Clare Tufts: Professor of the Practice of Romance Studies, French
  • Sandra Valnes Quammen: Lecturer, French
  • Silvia Vilar Gonzalez: Lecturing Fellow, Spanish