Marcos Canteli Vigon

Visiting Assistant Professor

Mailing address

Box 90257, Durham, NC 27708-0257

Marcos Canteli was born in Bimenes, Asturias, Spain. Visiting Assistant Professor and Resident Director of Duke in Madrid and Duke in Spain. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Philology from the University of Oviedo (1997), and his Ph.D. from Duke University (2008). He has recently published Del parpadeo: 7 poéticas (Madrid: Libros de la Resistencia, 2014), a book that presents the poetries of José-Miguel Ullán, Carlos Piera, Pedro Provencio, Ildefonso Rodríguez, Olvido García Valdés, and Miguel Casado. He has also published five books of poetry: Reunión (1999), enjambre (2003), su sombrío (XXXI Ciudad de Burgos International Poetry Award, 2005), catálogo de incesantes (2008), and es brizna (2011). He has been included in Forrest Gander’s anthology Panic Cure: Poetry from Spain for the 21st Century (Shearsman / Seismicity, 2014). He has translated Robert Creeley’s Pieces, and Jack Kerouac’s Book of Haikus. He is the editor of the online poetry journal: