Francophone Digital Humanities

Francophone Digital Humanities

Francophone Digital Humanities [FDH]  is a multilingual initiative in research and teaching launched with the support of the Dean of Humanities, and the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France.

FDH comprises 6 projects providing open-access to major collections in film, early modern literary manuscripts, ethnopsychiatry, poetry, and criticism. Digital in design, and experimental in format, it offers a palette of new resources to stimulate debate in the Humanities with French-speaking communities.

In the fall of 2017, the latest, sixth project under way will join the FDH timeline. “An Early Arabic Library” marks another example of our international collaboration with universities and major libraries, this time with our colleague, Emilie Picherot, from the Université de Lille 3, and the National Library of France.  It also increases the multi-lingual range significantly.   This project curates an “aljamiado” collection, early modern works in a Romance language, transcribed in Arabic characters for Muslim communities in Spain during the sixteenth century.

Check back again very soon for this project going live.

For all details of the other 5 projects that are nearing completion, please consult our site: