Where Our Students Go

After Duke our students follow diverse career paths with some going on to advanced graduate study in language, history and cultural studies, but many also go into medicine, finance, publishing and journalism, management, law, environmental science and social services.

Undergraduate Alumni

With a genuinely warm, familial atmosphere, the Romance Studies Department both nurtures and challenges students to master a foreign language within the cultural context of its native country. I fully enjoyed the balance the Romance Studies... read more »

The Department of Romance Studies had a transformational impact on my education during my time at Duke University. As an Italian major, I had the extraordinary opportunity to tailor my course of study to touch upon various disciplines in ways that I... read more »

My major in Italian at Romance Studies provided me so many opportunities outside of the classroom. The ability and flexibility of the major to allow me to study abroad, research topics of my own choosing, and read and think critically in another... read more »

Romance Studies was a great major that allowed me to explore my non-medical interests while at Duke. Not only did this allow me to stand apart from other applicants in the medical school application process, but it also allowed me to be a more well-... read more »

The French studies department has changed my future forever and for the better. Having started my journey in college with no plans to major in anything other than Biology, I stepped into my French classes and new horizons opened up in front of my... read more »

My path post-graduation has been atypical - and apparently (though not actually) unrelated to my Romance Studies major. I work and live in a community called... read more »